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Block 338, Adliya    |    Open from 6pm to 2am 

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• Welcome to Mahonia •
Cocktail Lounge & Restaurant
For Reservations Call 17000071 • 37222244

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Food Ethos


At Mahonia, our chefs are serving up more than just gourmet dishes, they’re serving up an experience like no other.
In fact, their culinary process resembles a science experiment, playing with flavors, appraising and finding the sweet balance within each ingredient in a dish.

Our chef’s culinary exploration pushes the limits by combining classical techniques with well known ingredients in a trial and error fashion.

Creating an ambrosial delight unbeknownst to even the avid foodie. Whether it be a classic or a new experiment, it is all part of the essence of Mahonia.

To take each customer on a journey, follow us through the passion we have, striving to excite our guests, with no bounds of the eccentricities in taste we make along the way.

Our Drinks Philosophy

Our Mixologists incorporate the creativity of the food and atmosphere into their blends. Experts in spirits their mixes compliment each ingredient in a cocktail. Their drinks include unconventional ingredients and techniques found in some desserts and main courses that divinely encapsulate the Mahonia experience. Our mixologists innovations become the playground for our guests' palate.

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Henrique Antunes

Meet The Head Chef

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mahonia bahrain
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